From #Sensory #Meltdowns to #IVIG Infusions – It’s Manic Monday

From #Sensory #Meltdowns to #IVIG Infusions – It’s Manic Monday

The boys got off to school without significant trouble.  Emmett once again had some sensory obstacles to overcome.  It wasn’t pleasant, fast or fun but he did end up getting dressed and out the door. 

Gavin is currently being infused with IVIG as I’m writing this. 

He’s laying on the couch with 3 needles in his belly. These needles are delivering the life saving antibodies that his body doesn’t produce.  Basically, he has no immune system of his own and so we have to infuse  this medication twice a week in order to give him the immune system he lacks. 

If you look at the pictures below, you’ll see that there are three needles today instead of two. 

The reason for this is that we didn’t have enough of the correct supplies and had to revert to the three needle tubing. It doesn’t make a difference. It simply amounts to an extra needle stick and a slower process.

That said, Gavin’s doing great and so far there haven’t been any side effects today. 🙂

When you look at the pictures, you may be able to see what happens during these infusions.  The solution being infused collects and leaves a large hump on his belly area.  This will remain for a few hours but his body will absorb the fluid and the humps disappear. 

They are tender but feel batter after he wakes up from his nap…..



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hope ivig went well. job interview went well. my kid still has migraine from ivig. i wont rant as i have already done that

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