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This is the kind of stuff that drives me absolutely crazy. I gave Gavin his meds this morning before his infusion.  He put the pills in his mouth and drank from his water bottle to chase them down. 

I thought all was fine.

However, Lizze noticed something strange a little bit later on.  He some how spit 3 of the pills back into his water bottle. Look at the picture below…


I don’t know if he’s doing this on purpose or if he’s accidentally back washing the pills as he’s pulling the soppy away from his mouth. 

Either way this is frustrating because he didn’t get the meds he should have had in his system, prior to his infusion.. It looks like we are going to have to watch him much closer, now this this has happened. 

Even if it was a total accident, we have to make sure he’s getting his meds and they are getting lost along the way….

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