The challenging week ahead -

The challenging week ahead

We have a very challenging week ahead of us.  In the morning we start things off with Gavin’s Monday IVIG Infusion. 

I’m still not sure how Elliott’s going to be feeling.  His eye is looking much better but we’ve had to use his rescue inhaler a few times this weekend as well. 


He’s definitely got something brewing. We just don’t know if it will pass or he’s gonna need to be seen…..

Tuesday will find us returning to the Cleveland Clinic for a follow up with Gavin’s Autonomic specialist.  I’m a bit uncomfortable having him make the hour plus long trip on a good day.  However, just having had his infusion the day before makes even more uncomfortable. 

The rest of the week includes the usual appointments and a few others that I know I’m forgetting about.

I’ll be real honest with you.  In feeling like poop righr now because my allergies are driving me crazy.  I can’t stop sneezing and I’m totally congested. 

I’m exhausted already, just thinking about everything that must be accomplished this week. 

Remaining positive is my goal at this point but it’s not going to take a whole lot to knock me down at this point. 

I suppose I’ll just take everything one step at a time..

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Meagan Wolf

Are you taking anything for allergies. My allergies were killing me, but then I switched to the store brand zertec and it seems to be working.

Raynette Jones

one step at a time sounds good. i am going for that. allergies are bad down here in the south as well. i took a benedryl for that and hopefully to help me sleep. i wish everyone including myself a great week and we will see how it goes

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