Motivational Monday - 05/12/2014 -

Motivational Monday – 05/12/2014

This Powerful Quote of the Day is something that is so important to remember as we venture through life. 

Our words can hold so much power. 

They can hold the power to build someone up or tear them down.  Our words can make someone smile or break their heart.

As you begin the week, please try to remember this when you choose which words you use with those around you. 


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Raynette Jones

thank you for that as of yesterday the plan was that after i found out that my kid’s tea colored urine was not serious (yes i was freaking out and it was just dehydration) he was really going to be blessed out by me cause the other day he said if i made him go to the doctor that he would never tell me what was wrong again. he didnt say it in a mean tone, it was said just matter of fact. he is 21 and NT and chronically ill. after i read this today, i did change my words and tone that i used to let him know to never say that to me again, on and on etc. He apologized first thing this morning. he said that he didnt mean it and he knows it hurt me (because i cant really make him do anything except i have plan b,c and d lol) and it was not his intent to hurt me, as soon as he said it, he knew he went to far, he was just trying to shut the show down of going to the dr when he thought/is fine. I am glad i didnt go off crazy on him or anyone else with words thanks

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