#Autism and Explosive Anger

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Those of you that have been following my blog for a few years will remember all the challenges we had with Emmett when he was younger.  There were health and behavioral issues that were very difficult to cope with but we finally seemed to move passed. 

Over the past year or so, we’ve been seeing a return of these behaviors and it’s not been a positive thing. 

One of the things that we used to really struggle with was Emmett’s explosive rages.  I’m not sure I would call them a meltdown but in reality, that’s what they appear to be.

These meltdowns/rages would have him physically lashing out at the people around him, especially Lizze.  He would throw, kick and break things.

Now we are seeing this type of thing making a comeback. 


Today for example, he got upset and kicked the shit out of the fireplace screen, stomped up the stairs and slammed his door about a dozen times, all while screaming at the top of his lungs. 

We have been talking with Dr. Pattie about this and here’s what we think is happening. 

None of this behavior is happening at school and that lends us to believe that he’s working really hard at school and falls apart when he gets home. We also suspect that this is largely sensory related. I thinks that’s actually pretty common…

So far, no one’s been injured by his outbursts but we definitely need to help him find a better outlet for his frustration.  Hopefully, this to will pass and we’ll come out the other side, better for it. 

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Not discounting the sensory issue; but could it be related to Gavin? What I mean is he is not having these meltdown/rages at school and maybe because he is able to concentrate and work hard on being such a good student and for a while can put the stressors of Gavins actions/stress on the family/fear his brother will have to live somewhere else to the back of his mind. When he gets home those same issues/stressors are impossible to ignore and his little mind cant process all of these thoughts and feelings and so he acts out to relieve the stress/frustration at the situation. You cant tell me there arent days when you don’t feel like losing it and stomping the crap out of something just to relieve the anger/frustration/unfairness of the entire Gavin situation.

Lost and Tired

That is a very real possibility. I want to thank you for bringing that up because it’s really easy to discount the impact he has on everyone.

We learned that this is a huge part of what’s going on with Elliott and it stands to reason that it plays a significant role in Emmett’s life as well.

We try so hard to shield them from all of the Gavin stuff but it’s not something that can really be avoided..

Thanks again