I’m not sure we’re gonna survive this

I’m not sure we’re gonna survive this

OMG… The second round of drops for Emmett went worse than the first round this morning.  Lizze and I had to wrestle him and hold him down while I tried to get the drops into his eyes. 


Lizze took the brunt of the meltdown as she was kicked in the face and throat. 

When I finally got the drops in, Lizze went into the shower room and broke down.  She sobbed and sobbed.  This is a nightmare for everyone. 

Emmett was so upset that he was dry heeving…

I believe this is only the fourth of twenty eight rounds that have to be done…

I’m honestly concerned that someone is going to think we are torturing him and call the police. 

There isn’t really anyway to get these drops done without a major meltdown and we’ve tried everything we can think of.

The only thing we haven’t done was try doing this while he’s sleeping but Emmett’s the kind of kid that if doing this woke him up, getting him to close his eyes at night going forward would be next to impossible.  He generalizes everything and it only takes one time to create a long term problem.

To be completely honest, I’m not even sure how much of the medication is actually getting into his eyes. 

We are calling the doctor to find out if there are any other options for treating Pink Eye, that doesn’t require eyedrops.

I’m not holding my breath because I don’t think oral antibiotics will work and I’m not sure there is any other avenue to explore.. We still have two more rounds to do today and I’m not at all looking forward to doing this to him again….

This battle isn’t the result of Emmett just being difficult. This is mostly sensory related and it’s not his fault.

Receiving these drops is very likely much worse for him than it is for us trying to give them to him. 

I don’t know how we are going to survive this.

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Val Cross

except that it is SUPER contagious, and if he can’t keep his hands off of his eyes, you’ll most likely just keep passing it around. So sorry


I never used eye drops when I had pink eye. It went away on its own.

Lost and Tired

Really? How long did it take to go away?

Christy Garrett

My doctor gave me steroids and antibiotics via mouth for pinkeye and sinus infection. Cleared it up right away. They rather treat the site if possible but there is not way that you should have to go through this much trouble just to use eye drops.


AHH, I had the same thought under the other blog post.
I posted a WebMD link…

And, I wonder if cold (or warm) compresses FIRST would help him tolerate them more easily.

Lost and Tired

I’m not sure what the problem is. I thinks it’s sensory and the idea of it sends him into a panic.


If you could use the compresses to cool the skin around his eyes and get it close to the temperature of the drops, he might not notice it as much. You’d be helping his eyes to acclimate to the drops.

Lost and Tired

That’s not a bad idea. I’ll give that a try if this continue to be challenging… Thank you


Yes it can go untreated learned that when away from home and forgot the drops. But it heals faster and he will find comfort sooner with drops. But it won’t cause issues. Except regarding school.

Lost and Tired

Thank you.. 🙂


You don’t *have* to use the drops. It’s a bacterial infection that Emmett’s body will overcome. Probably not as fast as with the drops, but it will go away. Seriously, people got over pink eye for thousands of years without antibiotic drops. In your case, you might just want to wait it out.

Lost and Tired

Really??? I didn’t know that. I thought it would get worse and turn into something more serious…. I’m gonna check into this.

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