This is a MAJOR Victory and I’m still in disbelief

Today’s been pretty crappy.  At the very last minute, we realized that Gavin was out of his antipsychotic after his morning dose.  In order to get them refilled, he must undergo blood work.

The way it’s been for the past few years was that this blood work was automatically done during his visit to Akron Children’s Hospital for his IVIG Infusion each month. 

Since we’ve moved to doing these infusions at home, I always forget that we have to time his blood work or he will run out of meds. 

I scrambled and got Gavin to the lab so he could have his blood drawn and the results faxed to the pharmacy.


Those of you that have been around for awhile will remember just how bad it used to be, each and every time we had to get blood work done for Gavin.  At its worst it took 9 people to safely draw his blood and now he doesn’t need restrained at all. 

That being said, we made a huge step forward today because when he was called back to have his blood drawn, I stayed in the waiting room and he went back all by himself.  Amazing. 

This is such a huge accomplishment for him and a big step towards future independence. 

It remains to be seen if this can be repeated going forward but that fact that it happened even once is something I never thought I would see. 

Awesome job Gavin….. 🙂

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Becky Wiren

CHEERS for Gavin and you Rob! Enjoy every victory you can. 🙂 You all deserve it.

Christy Garrett

Great job Gavin.

Lost and Tired

Thanks 🙂


As sad of a fact as this might seem, he maybe becoming more and more used to needle sticks because of his IVIG (even though he has numbing cream with that), regardless of the reasons though it is a very big step for him and defiantly a positive thing. Great Job Gavin!

Lost and Tired

Actually, we stopped the numbing cream because it was making it harder to know when the needles were in place. He’s doing much better with this…