MUST SEE - We had the most amazing #Autism Victory today -

MUST SEE – We had the most amazing #Autism Victory today

As many of you know, Emmett is very sensory orientated. He’s an obsessive perfectionist and when things go even slightly outside of the lines, he panics and melts down.

After school today, we took him for a quick haircut. 

Haircuts have been going pretty good but he’s very, very picky about how his hair is cut.  Ever since his very first haircut, he’s had the exact same style each time. 

As with many kids on the Autism Spectrum, Emmett doesn’t stray too far outside of his comfort zone, at least not very often.. 

This is why what happened today was so amazing. 

Out of nowhere, Emmett decided that he wanted his hair to be spikey like Sonic the Hedgehog.  We figured he was just sorta talking and would never go through with it. 

While Emmett and I were waiting for his turn, we were looking on Google for spikey hairstyles that he liked. 

He found one and insisted that he get it. 

Something that I should probably say up front here is that Lizze and I have always sorta let the boys express themselves.  Sometimes they express themselves by picking out really unique things to wear and other times, it’s how they choose to do their hair.

If Emmett wanted to stray outside of his comfort zone and get a spikey haircut, who was I to stand in the way of progress.

Needless to say, he went through with it and this was the outcome. 

He’s so unbelievably excited that he’s been showing everyone that will look at him.  He can’t wait to go to school Monday and show his teachers.

This was such a big step for him and I can’t even begin to say how proud of him I am.

Thinking back, it’s been about 2 years or so since we’ve had this kind of breakthrough event.  The last time was at least 2 years ago when he became willing to get his shoes dirty because he was outside taking care of his puppy Bella. 

Emmett John, I’m so proud of you for getting getting your awesome haircut today.  Keep up the amazing work and remember not to hurt anyone with your spikey hair.  🙂




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