The heartbreaking conversation I will be having today

We will be meeting with Dr. Reynolds in the afternoon because he wants to see Gavin and stay on top of everything, due to the severity of what we are dealing with. 

On the table for discussion is the heartbreaking topic of removing Gavin from our home. 

Before we can proceed in any direction, we must figure out what our destination is going to be.  Are we looking for residential treatment?  Perhaps therapeutic foster care? What about a group home?


There are pros and cons to each one of these options. 

Figuring out which is the best fit, most realistic and safest for him, isn’t an easy task. 

There are risks involved in any of the options are really scary for me as a parent, as are the risks involved with doing nothing.  I really hate talking about this because it makes all that much more real.

I don’t know if we will figure anything out but it’s important to keep the conversation going. 

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Christy Garrett

I hope everything goes well and that you can determine what Gavin needs in order to be happy.

Raynette Jones

i hope the appointment went well. i know this is beyond a hard time for yall