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Today’s IVIG infusion (05/08/2013): It was dicey but successful

Thanks to the amazing work of Akron Children’s Hospital, Gavin’s made it through another IVIG infusion, successfully.  Things got a bit dicey a few times but nothing came of it.  He actually fell asleep, which is unheard of for him. Our nurse said that he fell asleep once before but I wasn’t there that time. …

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If we didn’t love Gavin, our hearts wouldn’t be broken

I realize that this post is unnecessary because I don’t really have anything to prove to anyone.  Having said that, in the event that Gavin does read this Blogger at some point, I want to make a few things very clear.  Lizze and I love Gavin very, very much.  For the first 10 years of …

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Planning for life after the psych unit

I’m so stressed out right now.  I’ve been on the phone all morning.  Thank God for unlimited everything on Sprint. I’m going to share everything that is happening right now.  Please don’t take this as a plea for help.  This is meant to help educate you as to what going through something of this caliber …

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A disturbance in the force

In the advent of Gavin not medically stable enough to finish out the school year a few things have changed and a few problems have emerged. The most obvious thing that has changed is that Gavin is home everyday. The school hasn’t finished setting up the visiting tutor just yet.  In light of the shift …

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