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Big news and why I’m feeling blessed

There’s no denying that we are facing many challenges in the Gorski household. We’re facing some heartbreaking physical and emotional health issues as well. In the last post I shared about how Gavin was regressing and what we were seeing right now that truly broke our hearts. In this line of work, we learn to …

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Updates so big they almost don’t fit

There are a few things I need to update you all on. Some are bigger deals than others but all remain important. They aren’t in any particular order of importance. It’s just the order they popped out of my head. ☺ Gavin’s spending the night and most of the day tomorrow with his grandparents. They …

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Gavin’s memory seems to be getting worse but then I remembered something the Cleveland Clinic told us

“Gavin has been doing okay today but seems just a bit off. His memory has gone downhill lately and it’s causing him to get frustrated with himself a lot. I don’t know if this is a phase or if it’s just a progression of his regression..” Read More

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