Gavins home from first day back….

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Just picked up Gavin. I really think the teachers this year don't believe us that he is pulling their strings. Gavin is extremely intelligent and very capable of doing his school work.

Apparently Gavin needed a few "naps" today. Reality is that he didn't want to do what ever he was told to do so he had a "tummy" ache. I miss his old teachers they knew him so well.

In all fairness to them Gavin is very convincing. No one believed us when we told them what he was capable of doing until they witnessed it for themselves. Gavin can play the victim and manipulate almost anyone into believing him.

We have learned the subtle signs that let us know what he is trying to do.

His doctors said the same thing. They would never have believed it if they hadn't witnessed it themselves first hand.

Over all though he had a good day with only a few fits. He helped me fill the water cooler jugs on the way home and did a great job.

Sometimes its the little things we need to hold on to…

Lost and Tired

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