Post meltdown report -

Post meltdown report

Last night Gavin had a 45min meltdown.  It was very similar to the ones we were having 8 monthes ago. I let him go because I didn’t want to give him any attention and reward his behavior.  I reminded him of the rules. Stay away from the windows. He can only scream into his pillow and stop his feet on his mattress. He finally gave up and finished reading and then went to bed. I really wish we didn’t have to go through all of that just to get him to do his work.
He woke up this morning in a “wonderful” mood. Today should be interesting to say the least.
While this may seem like alot already, my thoughts are on Emmett John.  We will find out today if he can hear. The collective opinion is that he is profoundly deaf.  These tests that start today will give us more insight. I trully hope that we are wrong.  Emmett John is going to have enough of a challenge growing up with all of this stuff going on around him.
We think what caused the hearing loss was the constant ear infections he had before the tubes were put in his ears.. Some of the infections were severe and wouldn’t respond to antibiotics.  We had the tubes put in as soon as possible.  He was on extremely powerful antibiotics to clear up the last  infection cause nothing else would work. These types of antibiotics can cause permenent hearing loss as will the infections themselves.
Elliott Richard woke up this morning not feeling good. Today is turning into a divide and conquer type of day.
Hopefully Elliott Richard just ate something that didn’t agree with him and he’s not getting sick.  Elliott Richard is like me. I never get sick (knock on wood) but when I do I end up in the hospital.

Hopefully today will run smoothly and everthing will be ok with Emmett John…….

Lost and Tired

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All you guys are in my thoughts… today especially but every day 😉

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