As parents we have to be able to adapt to change in order for our kids with #Autism to do the same

Today is just another day in the long, storied tradition of our plans never working out. Last night, Lizze popped her right shoulder out of socket while she was sleeping.

This happens every so often and anyone with even a more moderate case of Ehlers-Danlos can likely relate to joint slipping out of socket. It’s incredibly painful and in Lizze’s case, her shoulder tends to not completely pop out all the way.

Think of it as a sliding glass door that has popped off the track. The door hasn’t fallen out but it also grinds when you try to open and close it. That’s sorta what her shoulders like right now.

Originally, we were going to a Christmas party tonight and then her parents were going to take the boys overnight.

As Lizze isn’t loving around much at the moment, I think her parents are going to take the boys to the party instead. Lizze and I are going to use the time to finish up a few last minute things before Christmas.

I have one more trip to the store and then we should be done. It will then be a matter of getting everything wrapped and ready, so that we can go to bed at a decent hour on Christmas Eve. The last thing we want to do is interfere with Santa making his appearance.

There’s so much stress in my life right now and I want to make sure that we can eliminate as much stress as we can. I want this Christmas to be as peaceful and calm as possible because everyone deserved that.

Christmas Eve will be spent with Lizze’s parents and Christmas Day will be spent with mine.

I feel pretty good about where we are at the moment and I feel even better that we got here on our own. ☺

It seems like our plans are constantly changing and we have to adapt or risk being run over by those changes instead. Our kids with Autism can very often struggle with change and in order to make that as easy for them as possible, we have to help lead them through it. By setting a positive example and taking on change in a constructive way ourselves, we can help them learn the skill needed to better adapt on their own.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Ericka Like aMerica

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