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Emmett John and Gavin both have their appts right now. We split up and I took Gavin while she took Emmett John to the audiologist to find out more about his hearing problems.

Sitting here I just realized Gavin is due for a few shots. This is a very difficult task to complete. It goes something like this.

"In this corner weighing in at 75lbs and not wanting shots is Gavin. And in this corner we have 1 doctor,5 nurses and dad collectively weighing in at close to 3/4 tons". While a little dramatic that's actually how it goes. It usually takes 5 people to administer his shots because he is fighting so hard.

The nurse just left and it looks like he is only getting the getting the flu mist. Yeah….

Lizze just walked in from the hearing test. Emmett John didn't really cooperate with the doctor but she says he at least has moderate hearing loss. She couldn't see if his ear drums were moving cause he wouldn't let her look. He didn't respond to any of the noise tests. Apparently he responded to one but she isn't sure if he responded to the sound or the light.

So now we wait for the AVR test at the children's hospital. They sedate him and do the same test while measuring his brain waves to see if his brain is even processing the sound. It doesn't look good though.

Lost and Tired

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