Major Eruption

So today is jeans day at Gavin's school. Gavin doesn't like jean so we got permission for him to wear his tan cargo pants. Gavin came down this morning in some camouflage pants. He can't wear those because the bother some of the other kids (it's a pattern thing).

All I did was explain that to him and he exploded. it was so bad that Elliott Richard wet himself and the dog wet the floor. He also broke a stair tread on his way upstairs. I went up after him to calm him down which was a waste of time and precious energy. I showed him the pants he was allowed to wear. I also told him if he didn't control himself that he would wear his regular school pants to school.

Gavin didn't actually earn his jeans day because of the week he has had but he was grandfathered in because it wasn't announced until after the worst part of the week.

Anyway, Gavin ended up wearing regular pants to school and was not happy about it. So Lizze drove him to school and met with the teachers to explain. They thanked us for holding him accountable. The talk was cut short because Gavin started screaming at the teachers aide. You could hear him from all the way down the hall saround the corner and down the steps.

I don't know how much more I have left for him.

Lost and Tired

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