Here we go... -

Here we go…

It has already begun. Gavin had a meltdown because we caught him trying to pull one over on us. He wanted to go to the attic and get some toys under the guise of "giving it to Elliott for his birthday". I told him no for right now. He wanted to get the toys for himself and not for Elliott. Sometime I can read him like a book. I told him I know what he was trying to do and it wasn't a good choice. So he lost it because he knew he was busted. Then the "fun" began. He started smacking himself in the face and jumping up and down. This is all for show and we know that. He is choosing to do this and could stop at any point. We have proved this time and time again.

He woke up Lizze and Emmett John so I sent him to his room till lunch. I gave him many chances to calm himself. He continued to be dangerous to himself and others so I told him by continuing to do what he was doing he was choosing to. Wait 30 minutes longer for lunch. Before he finally decided to stop he rack up a total of 1 hour. So he won't get lunch till 12:30 which really isn't that late for lunch.

We are trying to give him the best chance he has at a good life. So he has to learn now that these behaviors are not socially acceptable. We are running out of time to help him. Once he gets older he will be legally accountable for these bad choices.

Lost and Tired

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