Really good news and a bit of bad news

There are quite a few things to celebrate on this first Monday of December. For starters, both boys are currently at , and that’s good because it means they’re feeling better. 

To raise things to a new level of awesome, Mr. Emmett wore his socks and slippers to school without a single issue. In fact, he put them on without being asked. Frankly, I haven’t a clue what happened there but we just ran with it.☺ 

Elliott had some problems this morning, but we worked through them. 

On the downside, whole I thought I was feeling better last night, I’m feeling pretty shitty today. I barely slept last night and haven’t moved much since the boys went to school. 

I’m trying to take it easy today because I’ve probably on been pushing myself a bit too hard. 

Autism is hard, but it’s even more difficult when one of more caretakers are sick. 

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