Gavin update

It appears that Gavin may be getting more manic if that makes sense. This morning it appears as though the voices may be coming back. It's little things right now like "I thought you told me to do….." When we haven't even said a word or weren't even in the same room. This is how it usually begins.

Eventually it will get to the point of full blown psychosis. He will play cards with people that aren't there while having full fledged conversations back and forth with them also. When he was younger we would find him standing in our room at night "watching us sleep". It gets really creepy and honestly dangerous because we don't always know what the voices tell him to do.

We installed an alarm on his bedroom door so when he goes into or out of his room we are aware. It hleps to curb the sneaking out of his room and wandering the house.

What seems to happen is that he gets so extremely manic that he hears voices. He has hit puberty so now his meds aren't working very well. The scary thing is that it took about 4 years to get the meds right because he metabolizes them so quickly.

I realized last night that other mental health issues are starting to overcome the autism related issues we have had. They get so tangled up in each other it is extremely difficult to know what is what anymore.

Lost and Tired

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june jones

I am sure that is how it feels, but how can you say  ‘it is creepy’ when referring to your own child?