If I had hair I would pull it out -

If I had hair I would pull it out

So we have been having problems with Gavin’s school not handling him appropriately. There was little accountability for Gavin and that was a huge problem. I thought we had worked out most of the issues but apparently not.

Gavin teachers are trying to teach the kids to listen to their “inner voice”. I know there are some out there that are saying so what. I also know there are some of you out there saying “OMG what are they thinking”.
Here is why the “OMG’s” are correct. Gavin has been hearing voices for a few years now. He is medicated for it but we are pretty sure he still hears them. Gavin’s voices in the past have talked about killing, setting the house on fire ect. So now you see the problem we have. His teachers are telling him to listen to his inner voice. We have already discussed this with them but it didn’t seem to be taken seriously.

So now poor Gavin is even more confused then he was with just the voices in his head. He had learned to recognise them as not real voices but still struggles with it from time to time. Now he is being taught to listen to them at school. I called the school this morning to demand they stop the inner voice stuff with him. Who knows if it’s going to work….

Lost and Tired

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OMFG! Your kidding me RIGHT?!?!? This is one of those times that I *REALLY* wished I lived closer so I could yell at them too!!!! I hope if they don't listen that you are able to take it up with the school board.

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