#Autism: Special dietary needs

Some of you may recall that not only does Emmett have #Autism and PFAPA but also food allergies.  Emmett is allergic to milk, soy, egg and lactose. 

Finding foods that are milk,  soy,  egg and lactose free is really difficult to do.  Trying to find foods without these ingredients,  that Emmett will actually eat,  is darn near impossible. Over the last year or so,  with everything going on,  we have become a bit complacent with managing Emmett special dietary needs. It’s not that we are lazy or don’t care but rather overwhelmed with to many things and honestly,  Emmett diet has taken a back burner.

As a result,  Emmett is having tummy issues and horrible,  wicked gas.  You simply wouldn’t believe the unnatural oder that can permeate from this tiny child.

It’s our fault for getting distracted but we are trying to get things back in course.

Anyone that has a child with special dietary needs knows just how difficult managing those needs can be.  You not only have the added work in assuring that things don’t sneak into their diet that they can’t eat but the special foods needed are often significantly more expensive than the more typical options.

Anyway,  despite becoming complacent,  we avoided all the major things.  The problem was tracking down all the ingredients of eat food item and making sure they didn’t contain eggs, soy, milk or lactose. 

It’s not easy,  especially when you have an inherently picking eater to begin with. However,  it’s important that we don’t hear very best we can in order to ensure him good digestive health and avoid him getting I’ll as a result of his food allergies. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob – do you have any experience with hemp milk?


I don't remember if I've posted this before or not, so please forgive me if I'm repeating myself. If your grocery store has a Kosher section, you could look for pareve (sometimes spelled parva) foods. These foods are guaranteed not to have milk or any dairy product in them. You would still have to read the labels for soy and/or eggs, but at least it's a start. Also, if you find Kosher foods that are meat, they are guaranteed not to have dairy or dairy products. Same deal with needing to check for eggs/soy.


Thanks for the heads up. I\’ll have to check that out. 🙂