i commuted his sentence

Today has been a really long day. We had our ups and downs. Gavin really struggled today. He had earned himself oatmeal for lunch. He had also earned it for dinner for throwing another massive meltdown and choosing not to get control of himself.

He did very good during quiet time and never snuck out of his room. He didn’t ask to come down a million times either. I told Lizze that he did so well I felt he had earned a reprieve with dinner.

After dinner was a different story. He really pushed the limits. I think he took the removal of oatmeal for dinner as get out of jail free card. But today could have been worse.

Everyone is sick but me. Lizze came down with it this morning. Elliott Richard and Emmett John have been puking all day. Their cough is so bad it triggers their gag reflex and that’s all she wrote. Hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon cause these guys need to feel better.

Lizze and I are dividing and conquering tonight. Lizze and Emmett John in the bedroom and Elliott Richard and I are in the office. We have a queen mattress in the office. We had one in the office because Lizze’s fibro was so bad she couldn’t go up and down the steps. So we crashed in the office for a while. Works out nice now and it certainly beats the couch.

Hope you all stay healthy and avoid the bugs going around.

Lost and Tired

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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