Fricking #restlessleg is killing me

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I’m starting this day at a deficit because I didn’t sleep well at all. I’ve spoken about restless leg a few times in the past because it’s a problem for me.

My mom significantly suffers from restless leg, and I’m not sure if there’s a genetic component to it. I don’t know if any of my siblings deal with this, but I should probably ask.

Anyway, last night was really bad for me. It’s always seems to be my left leg and I don’t really know how to describe it other than saying that it’s so bad that cutting my leg off seems like a viable option. That sounds dramatic but if you’ve ever experienced the feeling of restless leg, you probably get it.

Thankfully, I don’t seem to deal with this very often, but unfortunately, it seems to be more common when I’m extremely stressed, and that really sucks because I’m really stressed by default, especially lately. That doesn’t bode well for me. 😵

I did manage to get some sleep by moving to the couch but then was unable to wake up to go walking first thing. I dislike that, but I’ll try and go this evening.

Right now, I need to head out and take my Mom to PT. After that, I’m going to get some work done. I’m still playing catch up right now.

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caitlin britten

Try taking Amitriptyline it’s brand name is Evail it’s a antidepressant tyrgilicride it’s available by prescription you take it once at bedtime I got prescribed it for my headaches but I’ve heard it can help take care of restless legs as well.