Embarrassing moments -

Embarrassing moments

So I thought I would share an embarrassing moment and main reason we don’t go out much. Before I go into to this I swear my wife and don’t raise the kids this way.

Gavin had to have blood work done for him depakote levels a few years back. This is quite an ordeal. We have to call ahead to make sure they have enough people on that day to get this done as it usually takes about 8 people. We told Gavin that after the blood work we would take him to lunch cause he was so brave. Gavin loves Chinese food so we went to a buffet near our home.

We walk up to the hostess desk and tell them there will be 3 of today. As we were being seated Gavin tells the hostess (in a not so inside voice way) that all Chinese people look the same. My wife and I were horrified. Everyone stared at us like we were these horrible people. We apologized over and over and tried to explain but people don’t understand. So we just don’t go there anymore. Gavin didn’t mean anything by the comment. He just has no filter so he says whatever he is thinking. He sees the world in black and white. We explain to him why it’s not nice to say things like that but he doesn’t understand.

So we just avoid things like that all together. Sometimes it’s just safer that way.


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