As I have stated before Gavin has a really rare form of aspergers. He actually floats along the spectrum. No one knows why he does that. We are beginning to hit another cycle of regression. Gavin seems to cycle between high functioning and low functioning.

When he hits a regression cycle he becomes unable to do things he was able to before. It lasts for a little while and then he cycles back. As parents it’s extremely frustrating because we never really know if he can or cannot do something. We can usually tell by his body language but not always.

It figures that it would happen over spring break. The past few days have been pretty tough to bare. He isn’t listening and is not always making sense when he talks. We have also have quite a few meltdowns resulting in a few bowels of oatmeal this week. School is back in session on Monday and it really needs to arrive a little faster.


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  1. we'll I hope for you that Monday comes soon enough cause I know what you mean about wanting the weekend to be over with. The twins need to get back to school they are driving me nuts.

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