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Today has been really busy. Gavin has been in rare form all weekend. My wife got up with the kids this morning and let me sleep (Thanks). Gavin is like a walking, slow motion zombie. I would think he is over medicated but I don’t think he is. We should hear from Dr. R in the morning about med changes.

I took some stuff in to “The Exchange” to get some cash. They take video game stuff, cd’s and dvd’s for trade or cash. I’m slowly gutting all of the things we have collected but never use. After that I had to return some computer stuff to my all time favorite store, Best Buy. It was all gift card returns so I used that and some points and picked up a “Shark” steam mop. Lizze and I have been talking about doing that for a while but just didn’t have the money. I lucked out cause we had just enough with the in store credit.
Then I ran to Giant Eagle to go grocery shopping and then back home.

Lizze had all the kids at home and she wasn’t feeling well. We love each other, so rarely ever leave one of us with all the kids. I said Gavin was in rare form so that made it worse. Emmett John has become a little bully. He walks around hitting poor Elliott Richard through out the day. I know Emmett John get’s frustrated with life and that’s probably why he does some of that. To Elliott Richard’s credit he almost never retaliates.

I made a huge pot of potato soup because Lizze was craving that today. I have to say it turned out quite well. While I was cooking Lizze steam mopped the floor (Lizze is going to be writing a review on the steam mop for the Examiner). Man that thing works really well.

We are going to get the kids down and then relax tonight. My sister might come over and steal some soup. That’s it for now.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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