Gavin is getting creepy

Gavin is getting creepy

Gavin is getting really creepy again. He walks around and just doesn’t seem to be running on all cylinders. The way he talks is disconcerting anymore. It’s not really one thing in particular but the creep factor is definitely there right now. He is being extremely manipulative right now also. I’m pretty sure this is bipolar related right now. His meds just aren’t working anymore. This week will not be over fast enough so we can get his meds fixed.


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Man have I been there..from twittling used diapers and a suddenly lunging at me to bite me. But we are in a good place now..still no speech but no meltdowns..good luck will get better trust in your love and devotion..


I know what thats like. We are switching Marc again. We see Dr. R tomorrow. Marc been doing the strange stuff too he just seems to live in his own world and you can't invade it. Like if I say that can't really happen he swears it can. It gotten to the point I have hidden the knives again because of his threating to hurt him self. What really scares me is what if he can't comprehend this world anymore and he tries to hurt his father or I because in his world if you don't listen to him your a bad guy. Hugs and Prayers Debbie

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