The Fragile Balance: Autism, Bipolar and Medications

The Fragile Balance: Autism, Bipolar and Medications

As a parent to very complicated special needs child maintaining medications seems to be one of the biggest challenges we face. Gavin is 10 years old and already going through puberty. This is rough enough for a typical kid. Gavin is much, much worse. All of his meds are no longer working. His bipolar symptoms are completely out of control.

He goes between manic and more manic. Everyone is suffering through this right along with him. We are dealing with mood swings and extreme “think to breathe” syndrome. We have almost no idea what he’s saying anymore. You just get this creepy vibe right now.

We have been walking the medication tight rope for many years but I fear we are in for a rude awakening with the dawn of puberty.
Somethings should just be easier for parents with special needs kids.

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Thinking of and praying for you guys every day.
4 yr Old low functioning Autistic Son and 26 yr old Bipolar Partner, I know all about the daily tightrope walk.
You both give me the strength I need when I think it can't be done alone.
Thanks….for every day!
It's amazing to think you are helping a little family all the way downunder in Melbourne Australia!

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