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Gavin had a good day at school. He left with 9/10 full moons (that’s their behavioural measurement). His class had a pizza party today to celebrate the overall class behavior.

Gavin had problems in reading again. Apparently what he does now is he asks to go to the office to do his work. It’s most likely a sensory thing. The noise really bothers him. So the teachers honor his request because he then completes his work on time and returns to the class room in a good mood.

After getting home he started giving Elliott Richard grief so I just told him that if he wants to be alone then he needs to be alone in his room. I explained (fruitlessly) that he can’t be alone while he is with everyone. So he went to his room without much of a fight.

I need to figure out dinner and get him fed so he can be ready for bed. We have moved his bedtime to 6pm. This happened because he was yelling at Lizze in the morning for waking him up in the morning. Also his teachers said he would say he was to tired to do his work. So we moved it from 7pm to 6pm and he seems to be doing better. He likes going to bed early for some reason.

Because he is manic right now there is really no telling how much sleep he is getting. If the voices are back again then he may be getting up in the middle of the night just like before. I fear we are headed for another psychotic break. We see Dr. R at 1:20pm tomorrow to figure out the switch to lithium. We also have his IEP meeting at 8am tomorrow.

Off to figure out dinner….


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