My son with #Autism is quite the little artist -

My son with #Autism is quite the little artist

I wanted to share this picture that Elliott’s been working on.  It’s inspired by the movie Frozen. He’s enthralled by this movie and wanted to draw a picture of the Ice Palace.

He asked me to share this with you. 

This particular photo is of him working on it.  When the picture is no longer a work in progress, I’ll share that as well.  🙂

I’m super proud of Elliott’s creativity.  It’s a wonderful gift that he gets from my wife.  Please leave your positive feedback below.  He’s anxious to hear what you think of this so far.  🙂


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Lost and Tired

reonyea thanks.  I’ll pass that along. 🙂


Your picture made me say ‘Wow!’ out loud, Elliott 🙂


great job!

Mary Gerdt

Great job! Love castles, mountains, nice details.

Lost and Tired

Thanks for the kind words.

Raynette Jones

amazing elliott!!!

Pirate Wench

Elliot – what a great gift you have! I can’t wait to see more of your work, and I’m sure that someday it will be an exhibition I am saying that about too!

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. 🙂


I’m with the person below- I thought it was from a coloring book too! Way to go Elliot!


Elliott, at first I thought you were coloring a picture from a coloring book. But then realized you drew this picture because it’s in a sketch book! Wow, you truly have talent:) Keep up the good work!

Lost and Tired

Thanks Mom…… 🙂

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