Today and Tomorrow

The kids are going to my parents tonight. They help us out even to their own detriment. I wish we had other family that could help them out but we don’t fit nicely in many others lives so my family is really all we have left.

Anyway, Lizze has an MRI in the morning to rule out a brain tumor as the cause of the debilitating migraines. They are also trying to find an causes for her neuronopathy. She also has tremors so they are looking for that cause also. She has never had an MRI of her brain before so this is a big (and nerve wrecking) day. We don’t expect to find anything cause all her CAT Scans have been clean. However, this will serve as a baseline scan also.

If the MRI is clean then her doctors will most likely take her in the direction of disability. Her neurologist has told her that because she has 14 or more (and it’s more) migraines per month that don’t respond to medication that he considers her to be disabled. Add to that the fibromyalgia and all that goes with that and he’s not sure how she even functions. So tomorrow is a very big day.

We kept Gavin home from school because he wasn’t feeling well and he has to see Dr. R today around lunch time. We had to cancel the IEP meeting also. We see Dr. R to discuss Gavin’s switch to lithium. We are very nervous about him being on such a hardcore drug. But the reality is we have run out of everything else. Gavin’s also started puberty so that makes meds even hard to manage cause his body chemistry is changing.

So far that’s what is happening today and tomorrow but everything is subject to change as our lives are predictively unpredictable.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Big days for your family. I will be praying! Is it possible that the lithium might only be temporary? I wouldn't have a clue but I am wondering if once Gavin gets through all these sudden changes (puberty) and the lithium stablizes him, is there a chance that he could go off of it after a while? Just curious. I am praying that possitive changes will come and the lithium works (if you decide to do it). I know this can't be fun for any of you and this isn't what you want to resort to. Clearly you both have nothing but your children's best interest at heart. God bless!


Lost and Tired

Gavin's zyprexa was lowered. Then we will see how he is doing. Dr. R said that lithium is a last resort. If put on it though he will be on it forever as long as it works. Bipolars will always have to be on meds for it.
Your thoughts and prayers aways are appreciated.