Times like these... -

Times like these…

Times like these make me feel so alone.

You are all aware that Emmett John fell down the steps. He has a broken nose, his face is bruised and he has bruising behind his ears. Well my parents stepped in at the drop of a hat to help out when I rushed him to the hospital. Thank you for being there for us and Emmett John. What saddens me is that not one person in my family besides my parents has even inquired as to how he’s doing. Maybe my expectations are to high but I would think they would be concerned when there nephew was rushed to the hospital and shows signs of intracranial bleeding.

It’s these moments I realize how very alone we are. I wish family meant to everyone else what It means to me. I know it’s not fair to say that but I don’t think it’s to much to make a simple phone call or send a text message. I watch these TV shows where family gets together all the time and they are all involved with their siblings children.

What kills me is that we are in the worst place of anyone and we will be the first to offer help when something happens. I can’t tell you how many midnight calls for help I have received and responded to. It seems like we are always on the outside looking in. Such is the life of a special needs family. We have a whole different perspective on life.


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Janelle Sanchez

I feel you on this completely. Family can be really disappointing at times. Hope your boy feels better soon.

Rose Morrissey Barron

Hope he will b ok.. Yea v sad wen its like family dnt care, i know wat its like..

Trisha M Postlewait

You are not alone. I am here just 3 house’s down. Just tell me what you need and you know I will do my best to help.


I am sorry you have to feel this way. Sadly, most people fear what they do not understand or what is not normal to them. It’s not the same thing, but when my dad was dying from cancer there were so many people who simply removed themselves from our lives.. Either completely or just when it came to “the whole death and dying thing”. If iconfronted these people today I am SURE they would deny that they were anything less than supportive and most would believe it. It is sad what people can do to ” manipulate” the truth so that they never need to leave their comfort zones. Sounds stupid to say not to take it personally, but at least try to understand that their choices reflect a sad type of self preservation. Doesn’t make it right though. And a pat on the back to you for still being there for them. “how other people treat you is their karma, how you respond is yours”. Try to smile just a little and I hope the little guy heals fast:)

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