Gavin is OFFICIALLY getting his wish granted

I received news tonight that we will officially be on our way to Florida at the end of the month. We’ve known for a little while that Gavin’s wish was going to be granted, but we didn’t know when we would be going for sure.

People come from all over the world to stay at Give Kids the World. There were only a few slots open and we weren’t sure we would be able to get in.

We are now officially registered and our spot is reserved for us at the end of September.


The one big hang up that came up at the last minute had to do with transportation. They were going to rent us a car for the drive but we realized that we had to have a credit card. I don’t have any that would work because of the balances, and the card has to be in the name of the person driving.

That was a big snag and we weren’t sure it could be overcome.

I was told tonight that they were able to work around it. That was really the last obstacle we had to overcome.

Now, all we have to do is plan for everything on our end and we’ll be ready to go.

This is so amazing and while it’s going to be awesome, I’m nervous. I’m nervous for a million different reasons. There’s a great deal we have to do to prepare for the trip. We need to go clothes shopping and get the house ready for us to be gone as long as we’re going to be gone.

There will be a few financial challenges in order to get ready but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’ll make it happen.

Below are some pictures from WIsh-A-Thon 2017. This was a fundraiser for Wishes Can Happen. Gavin and I were interviewed on the radio and the boys learned the details of our trip.

[foogallery id=”64644″]

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