End of the day -

End of the day

The end of the day has arrived. I find myself alone on the couch with Maggie, my blackberry and Extreme Makeover Home Edition on Hulu. Lizze went to take EJ to bed and never came back. They are curled up sleeping next to each other. ER and Gavin are both sleeping. At least ER is sleeping, I think Gavin might still be moving around. He is quiet. So he’s probably just playing peacefully on the floor.

Gavin just came down to tell me he can’t sleep. This defiantly points in the direction of manic. We visit this place quite often.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. Lizze and I are going to watch the entire series of King of the Hill start to finish over the summer. So we actually watched a few tonight after she woke up.

Sunday has nothing on the agenda for us to do. We need to try to make the house accommodate the special needs of the kids.


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I really like your blog. I'm a Mother of three one inwhich has Aspergers. I'm also a fellow wordpress blogger and blog like yourself about autism and aspergers one to share my world and sencond to raise awareness for a condition that is becoming increasingly more common but yet still so misunderstood. I love discovering blogs written by other parents of children on the spectrum but it' even greater finding blogs writen by the father. These are far and few between. I have to say reading what you wrote about your wife in the sidebar is so touching and made draw a tear. U show show much respect for what she does as a mother and we as woman appreciate it greatly when our partners/husbands have this ( Sadly many don't ) It's clear to see your a hands on father who loves your family very much and embraces his children autism which is in itself a very beautiful think. Your picture kind of says it it.
I look so forward to reading more and hope you don't mind me adding you to my links of blogs I love over on my blog.


Lost and Tired

Well thanks so much. You had many nice things to say. I have also noticed not many fathers blogging about this. I just want others to know they aren't alone. I also want to raise awareness like yourself. I would be honored to have you add me to your blog roll. Have a great week. I will be following you also.

Thanks again……

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