Hello Monday, Here I Come!!!

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This has been a really long weekend. Gavin has struggled for most of it. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything. Gavin just wasn’t listening at all this weekend. He would go right back to doing what we told him not to within minutes of us telling him. The big thing was running. Gavin for some reason was running a lot in the house. We don’t allow that for obvious reasons (safety). He actually ran into the wall today.

EJ is really getting aggressive. Gavin, Lizze and ER were all victims today. Help Me Grow comes out in the morning to help us finish paper work for EJ’s services. I just want to get him help asap because I don’t know how much more we can take.

Lizze has been feeling pretty rough this weekend but with all the stress who can blame her. We have a pretty busy week ahead. Lizze gets the MRI results. I’m sure everything is fine cause we never heard anything. Typically they call with bad news. But please say a prayer anyways.


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