Elliott Richard: sensory issues?

Elliott Richard: sensory issues?

Elliott Richard is believed to be very high functioning aspergers. We have been paying more attention to some of his behaviors as of late and have noticed some things. ER has NEVER tolerated the tags on his shirts. I have to cut them out (which drives Lizze crazy cause we won’t know what size it is) or he won’t wear the shirt. He says they hurt him. We kinda played it down before but now realize it might just be sensory issue. He also cannot stand water passing over his ears. Again maybe sensory.

As Dr. Patti has stated, most people would never notice any of these things. This kind of stuff shouldn’t effect his life in any real negative way. We do however, know that he is struggling with anxiety right now. He constantly grabs himself like he has to go to the bathroom. As we all know, aspergers kids are very prone to anxiety issues. We are working on some testing forms for him to give us a better picture of where/if he falls on the spectrum. The family history certainly leads us to think it’s a real possibility.

We don’t want him to be autistic or have ADHD. However, we do want him to have the best opportunities in life so if there is something he needs help with we want to know, so we can get that help for him. ADHD is a very real possibility as well. Lizze has ADHD and it’s “extremely” genetic. It’s more likely then not our kids will have it to some degree. We just want to try and stay ahead of the game.


Thank you for sharing our lives. LT

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