Autism,Consequence and Needed Advise

Autism,Consequence and Needed Advise

I posted last night about Gavin sneaking out of the house. Lizze and I have been talking and decided that there has to be some kind of consequence for his decision. I just don’t know what that should be and if it’s even to late to do it. We can’t let it go unaddressed but nothing seems to work.

I don’t think he would typically be able to escape without us knowing but it’s possible. Any ideas? Talking won’t work. Going to bed earily won’t either. Help.


Thank you for sharing our lives. LT

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I totally sympathize with your situation. Have you thought about installing some kind of rudimentary alarm that will go off whenever you guys know that your not going out. That way it will go off if Gavin tries to leave, thus reminding him that he is "caught" and letting you guys know immediately that someone tried to exit the room.. Also, I have also seen alarms put on bedroom doors, etc.. Good Luck and my thoughts are always with you guys.

Lost and Tired

Every door is alarmed and tired into the central alarm. The alarm will announce "Front Door", "Back Door" ect. The problems is we just can't hear the alarm pad from everywhere in the house. We can get a second one for a few hundred dollars but we just don't have it. We also have an alarm on his bedroom door and motion sensors for night time. Maggie our English Staffie does a great job keeping us notified if anything happens to the door.

How are things with you guys? I hope they are at least OK. Have a great week. Thanks again and we will continue to keep you guys in our thoughts.


I know in our house we had to install all sorts of high locks to keep everyone in the house. Consequences when we had our four year old run away. The police brought her home it was enough to scare her straight. But I think a fun thing taken away might do the trick.


I don't know if you have a positive reward system in your house, but this is the most effective way to deal with negative behaviors (really- it seems counterintuitive, but it is so). When kids are rewarded for positive behaviors, it gives you a means to address the negative – taking away the rewards they have earned. If done consistently, it is far more effective than "punishment". This works for both kids on the spectrum and those not.
As far as safety, we have alarmed every exit of our house with those cheap little magnetized door alarms that shriek whenever the door is opened. The noise alone is an aversive!


Not sure if this will help, but what about taking away something he likes, a toy TV time or a game. My daughters aren't autistic but when they don't listen I take away the DS or the Wii. Sorry I can't be of more help. Stay strong you and your family are in my prayers.

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