Autism and Sexuality -

Autism and Sexuality

Gavin is really starting to struggle. He seems to have significantly regressed with no sign of slowing down. The frustrating part is that he could be playing us. He is extremely manipulative.

Lizze went to the school to pick up Gavin today and chat with the principle. While they were talking Gavin very inappropriately put his arm around Lizze and grabbed her butt (not letting go) and the laid his face in her breasts. She handle it well. They had the private parts talk again. We have to get this under control if that’s even possible. He does this type of hyper sexual thing pretty often and “no” it’s not an innocent thing. There is intent behind it.

We will have to increase our vigilance in this area.

Thank you for sharing our lives. LT

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"Private parts"? Sounds condescending. Condescension has always driven me mad…and rebellious. Maybe try being more blunt with him? Just a thought from an Aspie.

Lost and Tired

Thanks for the insight. We actually use the correct words and are very blunt. I was just describing the conversation as the "private parts" conversation. Thank you for your thoughts your insight can be invaluable to many of us. Thanks again..

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