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Our good friends Deb and Marc posted this to my facebook page. I don’t what to say about it. I haven’t stopped crying yet. I wanted to share this with everyone and thank Deb and Marc for their unconditional love and support. They are truly the definition of friend.

This truly portrays what being an AU parent feels like. All I could think about was our little Emmett John. This puts into words what I feel every day. Please pass this video along and spread Autism Awareness…..

Thank you..


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Wow, if that don't stir up some emotion, your not alive……

Lost and Tired

I hope it gives people so insight. Honestly I cried like a baby. All I could think about was Emmett.

Debbie and Marc

We love you all and just letting you know we are here!!

Lost and Tired

The feeling is mutual. Thanks again.


Wow!!!!!!! Passing this on to friends =)

Prayers for you all

Lost and Tired

I know amazing isn't it. Thanks for stopping by and passing it along.

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