The end of the road…….

What are you supposed to do when you hear the word schizophrenia used in the same sentence as your 10 year old son’s name? It feels like the end of the road. As far as mental health goes can it get any worse? You might say “at least you’re not dealing with a sociopath” to which I would respond “that’s on the list of possibles as well.

Is it really possible to have all these separate conditions? So far we have a rare form of aspergers,ocd,pica,sid,bipolar,psychosis,ptsd,adha and now schizophrenia. There are more in the list then what I named but I can’t think straight now.

Are we even qualified to be doing this? Hell, the professionals don’t even know what to do. I honestly saw this coming, we both did. It explains so much. The voices, the “imaginary” friends, the worlds he interacts with and the trouble recognising the difference between real and imaginary. I thought it was schizoaffective disorder. My understanding of that is basically extreme bipolar to the point of hearing things ect..That always made sense to me.

Either way if this pans out we will have a whole new set of challenges facing us.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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When Deb told me today about reading Gavin was schizophrenic, i about lost it. So much has happened in your lives the last couple of years, and it just keeps going south, so to speak.I sure wish that modern medicine could find a way to be able to control all these terrible illnesses that are happening to our kids.There aren't any words to describe how bad i feel for your family right now.When bad things happen to adults, its bad enough….but when they happen to the lil guys, it just horrible. What is the prognosis at this point for Gavin? I'm sure that you will keep us informed,and just know that you guys are in our prayers until there is something more that we can do to help.God bless……

Lost and Tired

They have always told us they had hope but the past few years that hope has been dwindling. The prognosis isn't good for him to start with in light of these new suspicions I think it's probably worse. He most likely has schizoaffective disorder. Basically, it's extreme bipolar that causes voices and hallucinations.

Anyway, as always thank you for your thoughts and prayers.