Join my free #Autism Parenting support group -

Join my free #Autism Parenting support group

As many of you know, I’ve maintained a support forum called My Autism Help for almost as long as I’ve been writing. Unfortunately, when I moved to my new server last year, that forum was no longer supported by my new hosting service.

I just let it die off and figured I’d do something about it at another time.

While I can’t restore the original forums, they were sorta cumbersome and overcomplicated, making it difficult for me to maintain and users to benefit from.

I’ve found a simpler solution and I’m currently building it here..

Rather than build something huge, I wanted to start smaller and grow as needed, when it’s needed. The premise is the same and it’s completely free.

All you have to do is register for this site and the support forums become available to you. This time around, there’s no mobile app but it’s responsive and mobile friendly. Works from any device with a browser and it scales nicely to phones.

There are a few main forums setup already and I’m open to adding anything you think will be of benefit. Shoot me an email from my contact page and I’ll get to it.

I hope this is useful for the community and I encourage everyone to share them I’ll with anyone who you think will benefit. All are welcome. ☺

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