Venting. Sometimes you just need to vent. Going into this I know I’m going to sound like a bad parent. I just need to purge a bit so I can keep going.

Gavin is driving me crazy. He hurt his eye, badly actually and I know it hurts. But there is SO MUCH drama involved. He throws himself around and screams. He walks around with both eyes shut and continues to rub the injured eye. I know it hurts and I wish I could make it feel better but the drama needs to stop. It’s so much harder to feel compassion for someone who is demanding things but then is combative (so to speak) when you to help. This is clearly for show and attention. Even the hospital saw that.

He is scaring his brothers with the creepy noises he’s making. He was claiming that he couldn’t even feed himself. The truth is it hurts but he continues to aggravate it and make it worse. The doctor said if he continues to rub it that it will get worse and become a serious problem. We can’t get him to leave it alone. He has very little if any impulse control most of the time so he’s gonna rub it.

The other problem besides the drama is his behaviors. He keeps doing things that he is told specifically not to. He also is saying very inappropriate things to his little brother. Gavin is telling ER about his new “Sonic Episode” he made up. He’s says “sonic gets captured and venom forces sonics mouth open and makes his swallow this thing with lots of tentacles. The things goes to sonics heart and makes it explode and sonic becomes an evil robot” or something like that. ER came running out to tell us what he was told. I wonder way ER has nightmares…

I realize Gavin has issues but come on. We have to hold him accountable so we sent him to bed. We have had way to many problems since right before dinner. We have to give him his meds around 8pm and then he can go back to sleep. He’ll sleep right through the fireworks, he always does. I hope he is feeling better in the morning and hasn’t made anything worse. He goes to the pediatrician in the morning.


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