Autism: The Next Step In Human Evolution?

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Disclaimer: I don’t endorse this theory in any way. I just found it interesting and thought I share and get some opinions. I’ll post links to the articles as soon as I can. Link 1 Link 2 (Just 2 of the links I found all opinion pieces)

I was reading today online and came across some articles. They were proposing that Autism is the next stage in human evolution. It not’s the first time I heard this but I was intrigued so I started reading about it.

It’s an interesting theory but I don’t know if I buy into it. Many are saying it’s some way that the human race is naturally going to control it’s population. They assume that the autistic population will never have children or are less likely to have children. Which may be true but I almost find that offensive.

If I were to buy into any part of this it would it be unrelated to population control. If you think about it most autistic kids are extremely intelligent. I mean way more intelligent then the average person walking down the street. They have very unique “gifts” or abilities. Such as the ability to retain immense amounts of information. I know this doesn’t apply across the board but you get the point. This does come at a cost and that is the ability to form connections. As well as little if any social skills.

It stands to reason that the human race will eventually take the next evolutionary step. I just don’t know that I believe Autism is that step. In many if not most cases Autism is a struggle for the persons living with the condition. I don’t know how that fits into the evolutionary theory.

What do you guys think? I think it is probably a way to explain the unexplained, if that makes sense. After all, it’s human nature to want an explanation for something as perplexing as Autism.


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Can you post the articles? I'm interested to read them…

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