Heat and sensory issues -

Heat and sensory issues

When summer rolls around so do new problems. Gavin has major sensory issues. The one that concerns us the most during the summer is that he’s always cold. Right now there is a heat advisory out. Gavin will wear sweat pants, a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt over that and then a hoody.

He sleeps in these same clothes underneath a comforter. He won’t allow a fan to be on or a window to be open. I don’t know how he does that. We have to make him choose between the blanket or a fan (just as an example). He also doesn’t sweat, ever.

How far to we push him to cool his room off if he’s uncomfortable with it? A what point do we have to step in as parents and just force this on him for his own good? The fans bother him because he hears them humming. The window bothers him cause he doesn’t like the breeze. We have taken the comforter and replaced it with a sheet for now.

What kind of sensory issues do you have problems with during the summer?


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