Gavin: A crisis update -

Gavin: A crisis update

Gavin is still in a crisis state but more stable. All of his new medications are currently being taken, including the Lithium. His facial ticks are still getting progressively worse to the point that the muscles under his jaw are cramping. I feel bad for him because it can’t feel good.

He still appears to be hearing voices although he’s not as openly talking about them with us. He is however, non-stop talking. I mean to say that he never shut’s up. I’ve been sitting here with him today and I don’t know that he ever stopped talking.  He’s talking about nothing at all. He just keeps sharing everything that’s going through his head. Believe me when I say, it gets old after the first few hours.

He is still very easily agitated but less aggressive at the same time (at least today). He has blood work that needs to be done this week and more follow up appointments for his heart and everything else. We have a busy week ahead of us.

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Lost and Tired

Thank you for your support. I always find it amazing that no matter how isolated you feel there is always someone else going through the same thing.


Oh gosh… this sounds so heartbreakingly familiar. The voices, nonstop talking… I know where you are, and it's not an easy place. Good luck this week with all the running around, I know that won't be easy on either of you!

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