Gavin crisis 8/05/2010

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We received a very welcomed call from the Cleveland Clinic a little while ago. It seems we may may be able to bring Gavin home early. They have ruled out all life threats and he is detoxed. However, he is completely unmedicated.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. We can see he is without for a bit and go back on when we need them and I’m sure we’ll need to. We have to meet with them around 11am today to figure everything out. I think we’ll some how manage as we always do. It will be nice to have everyone together again. As frustrating as he can be I really miss him (we all miss him).

Nothing is set in stone yet but they think today is the day. Thanks to everyone for.the thoughts and prayers through out this crisis.

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Wow – I know where you're at right now… I've seen this side of stabilization/detox often. The good part is having the 'fresh slate/stable child'… the bad part is that it really never gets any easier. I'm glad to hear that he is coming home… somehow the house is so empty without them. Oh the first five minutes or so of peace is good, but then you wonder just what to do with rest of the time… Continued prayers and well wishes for you all.