Day 1

Day 1

Gavin has been home for 12 hrs and we are already having issues. Last night he saw a plane and told ER it was a UFO. Then he told ER about how alien abduction. So ER had nightmares again.

Gavin is and will remain unmedicated because the risk involved in mediating him is now to great. The Cleveland Clinic said we have to wait at least 8 weeks before we can look at meds again. He is a mess and I mean it. He needed to come home because they were done with what they could do and we couldn’t afford to be decided between here and there. It was almost $100 +/- per trip. Gavin was getting into the routine of getting what he wanted when he wanted it. That is a bad thing for any Autistic child period. We have to undo that damage and that will take time. He is still sleeping still and I’m ok with that right now.

We are going to have to make some tough choices like do we medicate him now or not? They told us if he has a major meltdown that he needs to come back for an actual psych hold.  Are they kiding? If that were the case they would have had to turn the car around within the first 10 minutes of the drive home. He had 2 meltdown on the way home and more once he got here.

The risk of medications revolves around the movement issues he is having. We will know if the movement issues are permanent within 8 weeks. Any medications used with any risk of similar side effects will help to insure the ticks never go away. That’s not an easy choice. We will have to make a very difficult choice between Gavin’s comfort and everyone else’s safety. We are waiting to hear from Dr. R to discuss whatever is best.

It’s nice to have my family back together but at the same time it’s going to be to much.

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