Day 3: Trouble in paradise

After today Lizze and I are discussing whether or not to take Gavin to Akron Children’s for the psych hold he should have had at the Cleveland Clinic. ¬†Gavin is a complete disaster right now. He is so emotionally unstable right now he is actually worse then he was before the Cleveland Clinic. The reason for that is now is has been unmedicated for a week. I don’t know how to help him. He is completely¬†miserable.

Right now we are having to watch him extremely closely so he doesn’t hurt himself or someone else. We are debating taking him to Akron Children’s Hospital for an actual psych hold. Since he is medically stable we now have to look at psychological stability.

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  1. You do what you have to do Rob!! We are here for you!! Sending all our prayers!!

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