I'm losing it -

I’m losing it

So in the span of the 30 minutes Emmett John has broken both my xbox 360 and Lizze’s netbook. I’m so tired of not being able to have anything safe in this house. I know it sound petty and selfish but the 360 was all I had left. I have sold everything  else of any value in order to take care of my family. I’m not complaining about having to that because I wanted to. My family comes first but sometimes it’s nice to have something like that to escape life with for a little while.

Emmett John is driving me crazy because he is into EVERYTHING. There are very few places in this house he cannot get to. If you stop or correct him he just screams and screams this blood curdling scream. This is just a really bad day.

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Hang in there. I feel your pain. It's not bad to want something for yourself when you give so much all the time. It's healthy to have an escape and your "me" time.

Yes, our 7 yr. old with autism is an electronics fiend and broken countless computers, laptops, and last year our neurotypical 3 yr. old broke the TV. Not to mention the screaming from the oldest when he breaks them- mad cause they don't work anymore.

Maybe your little one will grow up to be the one helping you repair computers or write programs one day. He won't be breaking things forever…


It's perfectly normal to want to have something for yourself, and to be let down when there is nothing left. Jr. perseverates on anything electronic, and we have lost four computers, two tv's, and countless other small electronics over the years. We finally came to the conclusion that although it seems drastic, and slightly archaic, anything of value has a big ol' lock placed on it (or moved to a location that can be locked)to safeguard it. Everyone needs an outlet, so you shouldn't feel bad for the way you feel (and honestly, parents of neurotypical children would be just as upset given the situation). Thanks for always keeping it honest!

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