God help us


Emmett John moved the couch (by himself) all the way over to the door. Then climbed up and unlocked the front door to try to let himself out… What the heck an I supposed to do with that?

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Had the same problem with my son. I tried every lock and before I could get the tools put away he had the lock figured out. Even tried swint locks like on hotel doors with a lock pin. The next day I caught him with the broom popping the lock pin up and out. The best thing I came up with was driveway monitors at harbor Freight about 15 each and it comes with a infrared motion detector and a wireless reciever. I would put one just inside his door and one outside his door for night time. The alarm is very loud. I had to get two because after a week he learned to climb on his sisters bed push the door open, so it would block the first sensor, and jump off the bed and into the hallway. After the second sensor went off he finally gave up, Thankfully


Heavier furniture? Seriously, I think the best option in that case is unfortunately a keyed deadbolt. The bad thing about that is having to keep track of that key to get out yourself… especially in an emergency. I would say higher locks, but it looks like he'd just STAND on the couch to reach the top of the door! Good Luck with that one Rob! 🙂